An entire city made of paper

Homemade toys are awesome: fun when you play with them, instructive as you build them, not expensive, and a great activity to spend quality time with your kids. Have you ever thought that you could build an entire city made of paper?

We worked with BOMBOLAND, an awesome design studio from Lucca (a small city in Tuscany) and we created a series of 12 printable buildings to build your own Timbuktu.

Every building has its particular story, imagination rules! Get started building the Shooting Stars Power Plant, then move to the Ice Cream ATM, to the Foldable Oasis or to the Secret Tunnel Garden. Each story is a piece of art.

Build all of them, and you and your family will become Honorary Citizens of Timbuktu (FREE BUBBLES FOR ONE YEAR!)



Here’s the rhyme that introduces this amazing series of paper toys, enjoy it and start building your own Timbuktu!

There was a ship that sailed

all on a crystal sea,

and there was a horse that rode,

all on a golden sand

We called the ship “Maggie”

We named the horse “Brune”.

And mile after mile, yes, dune after dune

we slept in a tent

and ate under the moon.

It took 40 days

It took 40 nights

And then came the city, a beautiful sight.

Great dreams in a queue

Began to come true

In front of those buildings,

In that magic milieu.

At last we arrived! Hello Timbuktu!

We went, we came back

It was a tough trek.

Shush! There’s a small secret

We’re going to unpack.

To find the same magic

No need to go far!

We brought you some models

This might sound bizarre.

Believe; it’s all true!

You’ll just need some glue

To build your dream city

To make Timbuktu.



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