Around the world in 7 amazing playgrounds!

If building a kindergarten is inspiring for an architect (here are 10 beautiful examples of that), can you imagine the excitement for a designer who had to built a playground? We can hardly think of anything, short of an art installation, that allows you to that much freedom. And, in fact, sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between an amazing playground and pure art.

Here are a few of them: let’s dream of a trip around the world in 7 playgrounds!

1 – Japan: Woods of Net

Designed by Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam, this wonder is in Hakone, Japan. It’s a knitted playground which we first discovered here.

2 – United States: Tom Otterness Playgrounds

Look at this guy in New York City!

This fun and beautiful playground by Tom Otterness has a few friends around the States (in the gallery). Wonderful, right?

3 –  Spain: where the sky ends and the playground begins

This playground just makes it look like there is more sky, more blue, more joy. Designed in Boadilla del Monte, by Eduardo Navadijos and Csaba Tarsoly, it’s an ode to sunshine, and summer days.

4 – India: everyday playground

This picture has been taken in Varanasi, India. The caption says “My mom creates the most beautiful playground every day.” Hard to say that is not true.

 5 – Denmark: Monstrum all the way

We’ve already written about Monstrum’s playgrounds: they are still some of the most imaginative creations we’ve ever seen, and we want to see more of them, everywhere in the world. This one is beautiful even in winter!

6 – Chile: ex mining town turned playground

We can’t imagine a better second life for an abandoned mining town than being converted into a playground. That’s the story of Chuquicamata, in Chile. It’s so beautiful how they used machines and metal pieces to make something fun and beautiful.

 7 – Canada: The Museum of Possibilities

Finally, although this was only a temporary installation in Montreal, we are including it in the list in the hope someone makes it again somewhere else! This balloon forest needs to happen again!