A nine-year-old’s blog gets her school to serve better food

If there’s a common memory across all generations of kids eating at school canteens, that is the one of shabby, tasteless (if you are lucky), terrible meals. We’ve been there, and we tried all the complaining and whining and tricks we could think of to deal with the sadness of our school food – all but one: blogging about it.

That’s what our hero of the day, Martha Payne, did. Tired of the food her school in Scotland was serving, Martha started NeverSeconds (ah, clever name!), a blog where she published pictures of her meals rating taste, healthiness and  – eww! – pieces of hair found (mostly, but not always, zero). With time her blog got enough media attention (yes, yes, Jamie Oliver saw it too) to push the local council to give the students unlimited amounts of salad, fruit and bread.

Which means that Martha’s meals went from this:

to this:

Way to go Martha, and thank you on behalf of generations of school canteen dwellers!



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