A giraffe inside the school!

Do you remember this fantastic colorful school in Paris? Well, France did it again, and here is another school that will make both you and your kids pretty jealous:

A yellow giraffe as a pillar! Who wouldn’t want to go to a school like that?

This school, in Boulogne, has been designed by Hondelatte-Laporte Architects with the aim of animating the public space through elements inspired by children’s imagination. And the giraffe is not alone: a polar bear hangs out in the terrace, while a few ladybugs cross the garden!

It’s a wonderful sight which brings a little joy to the daily routine: we can imagine the kids being really (and understandably) excited about going to school, as well as passers-by smiling at the surprising sight of the yellow giraffe in the middle of the city. Not only, but the building has been made with the lowest possible environmental impact, and it’s a “zéro energy” project, with photovoltaic and solar panels.

Happy children and happy planet: we want more schools like this!


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