7 kids ask 7 questions to Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! And HO HO HO! Today, we’re extremely excited. We met Santa Claus in person in the studios of Radio Timbuktu, and he answered the questions of 7 kids who reached us from all over the world (They’re the winners of the #interviewSanta contest!).

– Do you use conditioner for your beard?

– What day is your birthday?

– What does Mrs. Claus think about you staying out all night on Christmas Eve?

– What kind of things do you feed your reindeers to help them to fly?

These are just four of the seven questions addressed to Santa in this exclusive interview. You can find it today on Timbuktu, but you can also listen to it right here!

See the whole story on Timbuktu, and draw your Santa Claus! You can create amazing Christmas cards for your family!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Timbuktu team!

[Thanks Giovanni, Matilde, Frederick, Rose, James, and Paula!]