5 tricks for great family portraits (Thanksgiving special)

Thanksgiving is close. There’s no better time of the year to take an awesome -and funny- family portrait. Just follow few tips and your family will have an amazing memory of Thanksgiving (and a lot of fun)!

"Fantastic Mr. Fox"

1) PLAN IN ADVANCE! Tell everyone that you’re going to shoot a special family portrait and start brainstorming.

2) CHOOSE THE RIGHT LOCATION. Are you going to photograph your family in a car, a backyard, a porch or a bathroom? Find the most unusual place, study the perfect composition for that specific place and you’ll get an amazing picture.

3) USE A TRIPOD! Place your camera on a tripod, it will dramatically improve the quality of your family portrait. Also, make good use of the auto-shoot option as you and your family are getting ready for the “official” shoot (you might collect quite funny pictures!).

4) USE PROPS. Anything from brooms to ski equipment will work. Ask everyone to bring a special prop to the party, or prepare a surprise prop for each member of the family.

5) HAVE FUN! It’s the most important ingredient to shoot a great picture and keep an awesome memory of your Thanksgiving potluck.

Send us your silliest family portrait (timbuktupictures@gmail.com)! We’ll pick the funniest 5 for a photogallery on Timbuktu!

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