5 crazy family traditions to start this Thanksgiving

Each family has its own Thanksgiving traditions: some common, some quite peculiar, but they all add uniqueness to family time. But who said they have to be the same every year? Why not introduce a new tradition to your family’s Thanksgiving next week?

We thought of a few ideas that both you and your kids will enjoy, and we would love it if you shared yours too!

1) FAMILY TABLECLOTH. Everyone draws something that’s representative of Thanksgiving on the tablecloth. No words allowed, just your name, the date, and drawings.

2) VIDEO MESSAGES. Leave a videocamera in a room of your house. When people feel like doing so, they can go in front of the camera and record a message. Afterward, you can edit and send the video to everyone. Alternatively, you can leave the camera on in the dining room and make a stop-motion version of your family meal.

3) FAMILY PORTRAIT. Shoot a great and original family portrait following our five special tricks.

4) AFTERPARTY. Join your neighbours the day after Thanksgiving for a leftovers party, so your family members that live far from you can have an opportunity to meet the people in your life.

5) NEW GAME. Invite the kids to invent a game and have everybody play it!

With Thanksgiving so close, we bet you are in the middle of hectic preparations! Worry not – we have a whole How To Survive Thanksgiving Guide ready for you. It’s pretty awesome, if we may say so ourselves. You’ll find it on Sunday in Timbuktu – all the more reason to download the new app if you haven’t yet!