5 Awesome Games to Play with Toddlers

To play with your kids, there’s no need for expensive toys or couch potato activities. We prepared a list of games that can keep you and your toddler(s) fit while wildly stimulating their imagination and yours!

1) THE TEMPEST. Your big bed is a raft. Produce huge waves using your bed sheets! Move the sheets, make sounds, and describe the danger you’re experiencing. Pretend to fall out of the raft, and desperately ask your kids to save you. Then, switch the roles.

2) TRAIN ON A BRIDGE. The kids sit on a chair or pillow (it’s more fun on a chair!). They are on a train that needs to pass over a wonky bridge: move their chairs simulating the train movement and move faster as the train approaches the bridge. You need to go as fast as possible to pass the bridge without falling! You will have to shake the chairs more when you’re passing the bridge. Sometimes you’ll make it and be safe on the other side, but sometimes, you won’t! If you fall down in a canyon, scream “AAAHHH!”

3) FAR WEST. Wear your bathrobe. You’re the horse! Have your kids hold the reins (the belt of your robe), and make it hard for them to be in the saddle. Run fast enough to make it a bit hard for them to hold the reins! Your partner can touch their backs and pretend to be hitting them with arrows or bullets, like you’re under attack.

4) CLOUDS. Imagine you and your kids are as light as clouds. Float in the air and move slowly, feeling as light as you can. Then, the wind comes! Have your partner blow on the clouds (you) and be pushed by the wind. The wind pushes all the clouds in one part of the room, then the rain comes! The clouds start shivering and fall on the ground like raindrops. When the storm is over, the wind person becomes a sun. The raindrops evaporate, and you can start all over again.

5) AIRPLANE. Lie on your back and raise your kids in the air, holding their chest. Make them spread their arms as if they were an airplane. Move them left and right, up and down, and simulate the sound of an air battle. (When you’re tired, just simulate an engine failure!).

Which games do you and your kids play? Share your ideas!


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