The 10 most beautiful kindergartens in the world

We can hardly imagine a more inspiring assignment for a architect than to design a kindergarden. Colors, imagination, fun: it all should come into play in such a building. And as a matter of fact, many designers have been inspired to do great work when designing such buildings. We have already spoken about our love for colorful, creative schools, and here’s more: ladies and gentlemen, moms and dads, here are the ten most beautiful kindergartens of the world (France is winning this by the way).

1. Groupe Scolaire Joséphine Baker, La Courneuve, France

Designed by Dominique Coulon et Associés, who also designed a few other amazing school buildings, this building uses the orange color in an amazing way to bring warmth into an otherwise white, clean space. We love the contrast with the snow, and how despite the clean lines, the place is all but cold.

 2 – Nursery in Serreguemines, France

First of all, how beautiful is this?

This building designed by architects Paul Le Quernec and Michel Grasso has an immediate calming effect, as it looks immerse in nature – even if this is actually only a front garden. But with the low and wavy lines, and bright colorful interiors (you can see them in the gallery), this building is capable of keeping a sense of calm and tranquillity without losing any playfulness.

3 – Maria Grazia Cutuli Primary School, Herat Afghanistan

How not to love the splash of color this school is bringing to the area. And how not to smile at the thought that this primary school, the result of a collaboration between 2A+P/A, IaN+ and MaO was a low-budget, charity project, which used local materials and technology: it’s a testimony to how much can be done with good will, and that such a beautiful primary school is in Afghanistan fills us with hope.

4 - École Maternelle Pajol, Paris

Remember the most colorful school ever, designed by Palatre et Lecrere? It’s still one of our favorite, and we are still pretty jealous of the parents who get to walk their kids there every day!

5 – Écolle Maternelle, Dalles des Olympiades, Paris

Another one in Paris (we told you France was leading): this building designed by Eva Samuel Architect Urbanist & Associates is wonderful not only because of the pink touch, which of course we love, but because each of these “windows” is in reality a mini room for the child to play in! It’s their mini home with a view, full of colors (see pictures in the gallery), and we totally wish we had one of our own too!

6 – Kindergarten Kekec, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Imagine you could change the color of your school whenever you wanted. Well, this is exactly what the kids of Kindergarten Kekec, designed by Arhitektura Jure Kotnik can do: the vertical panels on the exterior of the school can be easily turn around, allowing kids to play with their own school building.

7 - Crèche de la Girafe, Boulogne, France

You’ve probably seen this school designed by Hondelatte-Laporte Architects on our blog already, but how could we leave it out? It’s just too awesome!

8 – Centro Infantil Municipal in El Chaparral, Granada, Spain

Then there is this building, designed by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda, which looks like it’s in a painting. Instead, it’s real and the kids of a small town near Grenada get to enjoy all its colors. Seriously, look at this:

9 – Bailly School Complex, Saint Denis, France

This school in the banlieu of Paris, designed by Mikou Design Studio shows a great combination of glass to get light, color, and art (can you see the silhouettes behind the glass?). A wonderful example of redevelopment, it brings modern, clean lines to an otherwise unappealing industrial area.

10 – Ring Around a Tree, Fuji

A kindergarten that is a playground and tree house too! We just could not dream of anything more exciting! Designed by Japanese firm Yui and Takaharu Tezuka, this is the actual dream and we want one in every city, that’s what.

Do you know of any amazing kindergarten we have left out? Let us know!



Im a future early childhood educator and it is amazing to see a school like this..this is so amazing !!


They are gorgeous architecturally but feel like cold, spartan styled children's learning spaces . They seem to me to be very adult centered  and it doesn't appear the children have had much or any of an impact on the co-creation of their environment  . With the exception of the wonderful Japanese tree house , they appear denuded and lack trees, foliage, mud and other very important learning tools. I can almost imagine educators quickly running to wipe down walls before children can really use and explore the space- make it their own. It looks to me that a majority of these spaces have been done by excellent architects that have not consulted early childhood educators or children about how they work , how they take ownership over their environment , and co-create  spaces that are conducive to creativity and experimentation.


I love the one with the giraffe! It's interesting to  see that a lot of these are in France. If you've read "bringing up bébé" by Pamela Druckerman, you know that the French take their childcare very seriously. I think that it's amazing that kids are exposed to beautiful buildings from a very young age. I can see Lise's point, but you see, most of the French buildings presented here are in difficult suburbs, where beauty is a rare sight. How great it is for young kids to have the unique opportunity of spending time in a spectacular building! kudos to the architects! (ps my son has been into buildings from a very early age, he wants to be an architect. I can just imagine how extatic he would have been to go to one of these amazing-looking creches!)

michel grasso
michel grasso

Thank you for selecting our nursery in your Top 10! I'm really glad!


I understand your concerns, and I agree to some extent. At the same time, aesthetically compelling buildings are not to be blamed for the only reason of being beautiful. The most beautiful school I've ever seen in Italy, "Al Centro Internazionale Loris Malaguzzi", center of the renowned Reggio Emilia Approach to education, is not only a beautiful place, but also an amazing school where receive an excellent education.


I agree with Lise. Certainly beautiful architecture, but not really what children need, or would choose.


I had the same thought as Lise...A beautiful kindergarten is one where a child feels confortable, protected, creative...I have a feeling that the ones pictured are very beautiful for adults, but maybe not so much for children. My own children went to Waldorf kindergarten, in Monte Judeu (Lagos - Portugal) and the moment I went in I knew it had been designed to please the children, not the parents.


All of these designs are lovely and surely a delight for our adult sensibilities. However, I would argue that what really nurtures a young child is not bright colors or hard angles, but organic shapes that look like they belong to the earth. Check out Waldorf school architecture. These buildings are imbued with soul.These are the settings that give the children a sense of connection to the natural world, and will in turn grow them into stewards of the earth. Here's a picture of a traditional Waldorf School Kindergarten building. Even looking at it makes me feel like a child filled with wonder!


Sure Michel! Thanks for stopping by!


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